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September 1, 2010
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Green Lantern Hyborian Age by gzapata Green Lantern Hyborian Age by gzapata
So this week on comic book resources's sketch of the week we had comic book characters in a different time period. I chose "Green Lantern in the Hyborian Age" mostly because I was in the mood to draw Kyle Rayner and/or Jade.

It actually worked out well since it gave more purpose to all the random armor that Kyle's original costume had. Working up the layout was a bit difficult and I have Frank Fezetta's inspiring work to thank for helping me out. I also put some more clothes than most human's apparently are drawn with in the Hyborian Age heh

As I mentioned before I was going to add Jade but to be honest I didn't have enough time since I also wanted to color this piece. Another thing is that women in that time (I keep speaking as if it was a real era...) seemed to be overly sexuality as well as submissive to men. I didn't really want to portray that as superheroes seem to have enough of it going on.

I added way to much things on him to flatten. In the end I liked how the coloring turned out. Green and red work great together but you always have to be mindful when using it not to end up with a christmas card. I do wonder whether I went a little to saturated with some of the coloring but then again neither super heroes nor barbarian work are known for their subtlety. There was still something missing connecting everything until I switched the ink layer to the red hue I've been using. I'm really loving the hue.

cbr entry- [link]

B&W version- [link]
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